Sometimes our lives are very busy and we need a little help.


We can take your dog for a walk for either 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour. We will make sure that they are walked fully for this time.


We only do one to one dog walks so your dog won't be put in the car to go to another location with other dogs. Obviously if you have more than one dog in your family we can walk up to 4 dogs together.


We can walk them once, twice or more per day if you wish.


They will be on the lead at all times though but we will have them on an extendable lead if it is agreeable with you.


We can walk them off the lead in a park away from the road but will need permission in writing from you (for our insurance) and your dog will need to have good recall.

Dog Walking

Prices in Bracknell are:


30 minutes: £9.50 on Weekdays £11.00 at Weekends

45 minutes: £11.00 on Weekdays £13.00 at Weekends

60 minutes: £13.50 on Weekdays £15.00 at Weekends


For our full list of prices please see under

'Prices' in menu above

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